Consultations are vital to the process of interior decorating. They are where the designer gets to know the client's tastes, lifestyle, goals, likes, dislikes and intended use for their space. Sometimes, all a homeowner needs is a launching pad to get them guided in the right direction and they can venture into their project on their own after getting a little guidance and suggestions.

   You can have the most beautiful furniture and accessories and still not be happy with a room because it doesn't 'work' the way you'd like it too. Proper furniture layout is key to a well designed space. When planning furniture arrangement, function and visual balance need to be addressed: Is the seating arrangement set up well for conversation? Is there a good view to the tv? Is there a focal point and good flow to the space?

   What goes on your walls does more than just tie a colour scheme together. Paint, wallpaper and other materials can enhance mood, balance a space, and add texture and contrast. They are the largest surfaces in a room and need to be paid close attention to.

   The materials used for flooring, backsplashes and countertops are the more permanent elements of a design and need to be chosen wisely. The materials and finishes used can either make these elements focal points in a room or neutral backdrops. Well chosen finishes should be able to stand up to future decorating changes.

   Furniture style and fabric choices set the tone in a room's decor and have to meet the requirement of both fashion and function. There are so many options available and the right choices will complete the look of the design and provide comfort and function at the same time.

   The finishing touches to every project, the accessories can bring in the 'WOW' factor needed to make a room truly sparkle. They should reflect your personality, provide impact and create interest.

   This is where the real work begins. Your decorating goal may be as simple as changing paint colour and accessories or as involved as removing walls and installing floors. Whatever the scope of the project, a well implemented design proposal results in easier, less stressful decision making, runs smoother and, finishes on time and on budget. The result is a happy client!


   3D renderings help you to truly visualize what your finished design will look like before you commit to a design. Removing the guess work allows for easier decision making and eliminates possible disappointment in the end.

By paying close attention to the details of both you and the design process, Room Revival ensures a space that will bring harmony, balance and enjoyment into your life.